Class: Batik on Paper

Instructor: Valerie Hildebrand

Medium: Dye/Batik

Date(s): Saturday, March 20

Time: 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Cost: $100.00

Class Description:

This workshop is all about experimenting with new techniques and materials, and using them with your own vision and style to create something amazing. Batik on Paper uses all the same techniques and tools as traditional batik on textiles, just replacing the cloth with paper. In this workshop we will explore the basics of working with wax and dye to create works of art. We will experiment with various types of non-traditional foundations, paper, wood panels, and Aquaboard. You’ll learn about the tools traditionally used for batik as well as some variations that allow you to control the wax application. You’ll also learn about techniques for protecting the finished artwork.

Instructor Background:

I started my adventures in art while still in elementary school and then went on to study Art with a focus on Painting at Towson University in Maryland. Since then my on-going adventures through the world of art techniques has managed to expand my view way beyond the painting focus of my university days. There are so many ways to express one’s creativity.

Batik on paper and other non-traditional foundations is my primary focus. I love the element of surprise that comes with working with wax and dyes. The variety of paper and other materials that can be used for this technique makes the possibilities virtually endless. I also appreciate the intensity of color that I can achieve using dyes. I facilitate workshops in the batik technique because I truly enjoy enabling the discovery and wonder at how the process works, how easy the technique is when applied on non-traditional surfaces, and how amazing the results are.

Cancellation Policy:

Minimum number of participants for the workshop is two (2) and the maximum is eight (8). If a participant notifies me of the need to cancel at least 48 hours prior to the workshop I will provide a full refund. If a participant notifies me of the need to cancel after 48 hours prior to the workshop then the refund will be 75% of the fee. If a participant does not notify me of a cancellation and just does not arrive for the workshop there is no refund.

Supply List:

All supplies are included in cost of class

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