Class: Beginning Acrylics

Instructor: Karen Marvel

Medium: Acrylics

Date(s): Thurdays, January 13-20-27, 2022


Class Description:

Class#1: We will discuss how to set up your workspace; talk about brushes and brush strokes, values & perspective. Using an art board and a simple photo, each student will paint a value study using black, grey, white and varying shades.

Class #2: This class is about color and acrylic paint. Each student will have a copy of a color wheel and we will discuss color mixing and basics about the materials – heavy body, gels, fluids, pastes, etc. Using an art board, each student will choose a very simple color palette and paint a flower.

Class #3: Using what we have learned about in the two previous classes, in this class we will paint a simple still life.

Instructor Background:

My mother had her MFA and taught art, eventually at a university level. Though I had won several art contests and wanted to pursue it as a major, my mother strongly disapproved this direction for me. So I went with Pre Law, eventually landed in marketing and strategic planning- working with brands, licensing, trademarks, intellectual properties at an executive level for large Fortune 500 companies. But art was still an important part of me, and so I continued to take art classes here and there, and began to paint with acrylics as a hobby about 10 years ago. I began my own company and am involved in logo and graphic design, web design and development– combining art and brand strategy! And I love experimenting with different approaches to painting with acrylics, still seeking my own unique style and enjoying the experience!

Cancellation Policy:

Full Refund if cancelling two weeks before the class, Partial Refund if cancelling before the class, No Refund once class has begun

Supply List:

Beginning brush set, art boards, and paint will be supplied. Class participants will be asked to bring certain items that they undoubtedly will have on hand.

Class Sizes:

Minimum Class Size: 8
Maximum Class Size: 10