Class: Fun with Paint : Acrylic Painting for Beginners and “Refreshers”

Instructor: Suzie Black

Medium: Acrylics

Date(s): Sunday, January 17

Time: 12:30- 4 p.m.

Cost: $45.00

Class Description:

This class is created with you in mind if you are a beginner or if you haven’t painted in a while and feel uncertain about getting back to it. Don’t be afraid to come to this class!
My goal is to make you enjoy these three hours so much that you want more and more.

This is a fun and modern painting approach where everyone is successful. Beginner students will learn to be comfortable with paint, color and easy drawing. I introduce you to all that you will need to know in order to feel confident.

If you are coming back to painting and need a refresher, this workshop will be just what you need to reawaken your motivation.

Painting up to three instructor- led exercises, students will be encouraged to let go and have fun, experimenting with Impressionism and/ or abstraction. ( ala Gauguin, Matisse and Cezanne…….but with YOU as the famous creator.). There is NO right or wrong.

I believe that everybody has a genius artist in them. Come and find yours. This will be a celebration of color and shape!

Brief teacher demos for twelve minutes at a time so you can work happily for the rest of the time.

Do you want to paint but we’re afraid to try? This is a gift you give to yourself!

Instructor Background:

Every day of my life I so appreciate the fact that I am an artist. “Artist”is a word that people have to claim for themselves. When we are children, we think that only certain people are born artists, but we are all artists. The more art you make, the more comfortable you are saying you’re an artist.

I paint almost every single day of my life and go back-and-forth between abstract painting and figurative works. I feel that I am privileged to have a rich vocabulary in two dimensional acrylic and oil painting and I feel very blessed to share my joy with you.

I grew up in New Jersey. I was educated at the George Washington University in Washington DC, and I have lived in Arizona since 1992. I spent my entire life doing art and teaching art. I have a Masters degree in art education and another one in art therapy. I have been taking workshops with master artists for most of my life and have gathered so much wonderful knowledge.

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Cancellation Policy:

Minimum number of registrants: 6

Supply List:

All supplies are included in cost of class

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