Class/Workshop Title: Sculpting With Fiber Clay

Medium: Fiber Clay

Instructor: Joanie Wolter

Date/Time: January 30 & 31, 2020; Thurs 9:00 a.m.-4 p.m. & Fri 9 a.m.-2 p.m.


In this class you’ll learn the use of fiber clay and unique armatures to create a sculpture. I’ll also teach you how to finish the sculpture to look like a bronze.

About Instructor:

What a ride!!! That’s what I say every time I think of my career as an artist. It’s a career I never expected to have, and am thrilled with the direction everything is going!!! My husband and I moved to Sedona about 12 years ago. After our move, I began taking art classes at the Sedona Arts Center. I had never done any kind of fine art before, so had no expectations. As it turned out, I did quite well and became more confident. I hadn’t found my niche yet, however, and finally decided that I’d try ceramics, and clay became the new love of my life. Although I was lousy at throwing on the wheel, I was good at hand-building, and took classes from another instructor where I learned to work with paper clay. What fun I had creating thin, detailed flowers to embellish my ceramic pieces. I then entered my first show, sold my first piece, and that was just the beginning. I wasn’t through learning, so when a Fiber Clay sculpting class was offered, I thought I’d give that a try. It looked like fun, and I loved working with clay and working with my hands, so it seemed right up my alley. And so it was. I took the workshop and unbeknownst to me, found the medium that really launched my career as an artist. I often tell the story of my first experience in this class. The teacher made these beautiful, ethereal figures that were just lovely. When I tried to create a piece, it ended up looking like a middle aged, plump woman. It looked just like me, except it had long legs!!! So I decided to go with it and continued creating these women, showing their zest for life and the attitude only a middle aged woman can have. Next I moved on to creating ravens. Since moving to Sedona, I became aware of these huge, black birds. They looked like crows, but were much bigger. I use to say to my husband, “Look at that big ass raven!” So guess what the name of my first piece was? And I think the title of the piece, “Big Ass Raven”, sold the pieces as much as anything. You might say that the environment in Sedona was the perfect catalyst for my imagination. The roadrunners, lizards, quail – all became the focus of my sculptures. My goal when creating a piece is to make people smile. In this day and age, the world seems to be filled with such negativity. Why not lighten our spirits with a piece of art that makes you smile when you see it. We have now moved to N. Scottsdale where I have a home studio where I create and teach. I also teach classes in how to sculpt with fiber clay throughout the Southwest. As a retired public school teacher of 37 years, passing on my knowledge in Fiber Clay seemed to be a logical progression. I’m doing all the things I love!! What could be better than that!!!

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