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Silver Jewelry


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Class: Silver Jewelry

Instructor: Sue Lewis

Medium: jewelry

Date(s): Wednesday, February 1,8,15, 2023

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Cost: $200


Class Description:

Silversmithing construction techniques will be demonstrated and applied--designing, sawing, drilling and piercing, forming stamping, cold connections and hand polishing. A minimum of three pieces of silver jewelry will be completed. A packet of tools will be loaned to each student which can be used for the three weeks.


Instructor Biography:

Sue Lewis is a mixed media painter and a silversmith with a B.A. in English & Art Education and an MA in Metals and Painting. She taught for 30 years elementary--college. Her work has been in galleries in Iowa, Colorado and Arizona. Sue has always been a cheerleader for life in general, for the arts, and specifically for the role art can play in building self-confidence in all who are willing to explore the creative process. Her website is: www.sukilew.com



Full refund if cancelling 2 weeks before class, half refund before class, no refund once class begins.


Supply List:

All supplies included in this class.


Class Sizes:

Minimum Class Size: 6

Maximum Class Size: 12


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All Classes Are Held in the Desert Pavilion Art Room, 34109 N. 69th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85266

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