About Terravita Art League


About Terravita Art League

Our Mission

The sharing of broad-based cultural experiences with ART-loving friends and neighbors.

Our Purpose

The Terravita Art League (TAL) was founded in 1998 by a small group of residents. Our purpose is to bring to the community a strong basis for fostering both creativity and a love for the arts among residents and TAL members who share the same passion.

Our values are inspiration, inclusiveness, individualism, all imbued with our sense of our place: our beautiful community, Terravita.

All classes are held in the Desert Pavilion Art Room, 34109 N. 69th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Member Benefits

The benefits of belonging to the Terravita Art League are many - at the top of the list are diverse classes offered at all levels, allowing and encouraging members to express their creative spirit. The newly renovated Desert Pavilion is the center and heartbeat of our art related activities and where the stimulation of member talents, experience and backgrounds network to enliven the arts within our community. Our members also enjoy our art forums and trips to various art venues in the Valley of the Sun. We also outreach to our community through cultural evenings, email and website communications, art exhibits in the Desert Pavilion as well as hosting the Terravita Studio Tour, Resident Art Show and end of season celebration. We invite you to join Terravita Art League!

Art Classes

As a member of the Terravita Art League (TAL), you can choose from a number of classes that are offered every year. Many of these classes are very popular and consequently fill quickly. They are all held in the Art Room in the Desert Pavilion.

Membership Types

We have two types of membership: Terravita Resident and Terravita Non-Resident. A Terravita Resident falls into the follow categories.

  1. You own a home in Terravita. It doesn't matter how much of the year you occupy that home.
  2. You are renting a home in Terravita.
  3. You an instructor for one of the classes held this year.
  4. You are a family member or friend visiting a TAL member and staying in their home in Terravita.

All others are Terravita Non-Residents.

All Memberships Are Individual!

We do not offer family memberships! All memberships to the TAL are individual.

Terravita Art League Login Account

When you sign up for membership, you will give your email and a password of your choosing. These will be your credentials for logging into the website. This will be needed to sign up for classes and trips.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are paid yearly. Our year runs from June 1 thru May 31. The dues are:

  • Terravita Residents - $35
  • Non-Terravita Residents - $50



All Classes Are Held in the Desert Pavilion Art Room, 34109 N. 69th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85266

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