February 13 through April 10, 2021
Desert Pavilion

Terravita Art League
2021 Studio Tour

Saturday March 13, 10 a.m — 5 p.m.
Sunday March 14, noon — 5 p.m.

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Oct 2020-Apr 2021 Season

Class Registration Opens September 15, 2020!

Terravita Art League classes will resume in the Desert Pavilion Art Room October 2020

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For 2020-2021 Season

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Due to Covid 19, certain protocols are required by the Terravita Country Club for use of the Desert Pavilion.
Thus, the TAL is taking the following precautions for classes October – April:

1. Max student participation in classes will be 9 plus 1 teacher. Each student will have her/his own table.

2. Masks are to be worn during classes.

3. Hand sanitizers and provisions for individual table and chair cleanups will be available.

4. As of October 26, non-resident members will be permitted to attend classes in the DP art room.